6 Madbury Road ~ PO Box 620 ~ Durham, NH 03824-0620


First, let me extend our gratitude for your desire to volunteer to work with the youth of our parish! As you may know, STM takes pride in offering our parishioners (especially our children) a safe, fun environment in which to learn more about the church and their faith journey! Thank you for taking the time to share your talents with our children.
As Ann McGurty, our Faith Formation Coordinator, may have told you, in order to volunteer to work with children in any parish in New Hampshire, you must complete child safety training. Part of the process also includes filling out paperwork for the Diocese.

All the information, training website, paperwork is explained and available on the Diocese website:


The training may give you an opportunity to print an acknowledgement page.  I do NOT need that.  It is noted on our database when you signed that form.

The only thing I physically need from volunteers is the background check form(s).  There are a few different ways to get them to me:

  • Drop them in the locked box in the back of the church;
  • Give them to Ann McGurty, Regina Attisano, or Felicia Sperry to give to me;
  • Drop them off at the church office during office hours
    • (6 Madbury Rd; Mon, Tues, Thurs 9am – 3pm and Weds 9am – 1pm)
  • Mail them to us, to my attention:
    • PO Box 620
    • Durham, NH 03824

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you, and may you be blessed!
Maura Slavin
Safe Environment Coordinator
(603) 868-2666